Rainy Days

Despite what the weatherman said, it is downpouring and would appear to be a washout sort of day, which is fine by me. Neurotypical folks I know seem to think a rainy day would be counter productive to my mental health. They couldn’t be more wrong. Days like this (specifically, when I am home or at least, not working) tend to be my best in terms of my mental health.

I should backtrack for a moment, this is my first post, after all. I have MDD (major depressive disorder) and GAD (general anxiety disorder), and was diagnosed at 13 when my parents stumbled upon suicide plans I had written up. I am on Brintellix and Lorazepam. Despite what people want, these diseases have not gotten 100% better with the medication. So I started a blog.

Okay, now back to the topics at hand.

At twenty five, I have experienced countless rainy days, of course. For some reason, my brain has chosen now to associate rainy days with the day Dragon Age: Inquisition had it’s DLC “Trespasser” come out. That was a good day for me. I got off work early, got my favorite beverage (Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frappaccino Venti, no whip cream), and played a DLC which very much affected me. I’ve had plenty of bad rainy days, and I can even name a few of significance if you’d really like, but this day was more recent and I choose to make it more significant.

I don’t know where this blog will take me, but I want to document it all. I want to interact with anyone who wants to talk about their mental illness (please comment, I will comment back, I promise).


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