Quarter life crisis, just what I needed

Before I get started, quick update from last time: I was right, he got upset about the price of the tattoo. Thankfully, I was able to talk him down with the reminder of his recent purchase.

Okay. Onward.

I’ve posted quite a lot about my job and how its affected me, both physically and mentally. A quick recap would be this: I am underpaid because we undercharge on grooms (I just found out the national averages for different breeds and we are at least ten under in almost every case, several we are more than twenty under), I am overworked (big/hairy/bad dogs = 2 dogs, but bosses book as 1 and as thus I am doing way more than I am comfortable with because most of our clients fall into this category), and because both of these, I am over grooming. Add to that the lack of instructions (we don’t save grooming notes, just pictures, which means I have to guess every single time) and the fact my bosses with no grooming experience presume to know anything about my job makes it that much harder.

I mentioned all this to mother in law and she wants me working for her. She is a lactation consultant and is paying to have a program developed to sell to other LCs and whatnot. I’d be QA testing during development and then system maintenence afterwards. Now, working for my mother in law, esp in lactation, is not my ideal plan. But it would pay better (A LOT better), and not physically demanding. Who knows, maybe this will be my foot in the door in the tech field like I hoped, despite my lack of a degree. Its stressful right now because she knows what languages they are using and wants me to know them but doesn’t get how that works. She doesn’t understand why I don’t already know them from school (because they literally focused on C++ and a little HTML3, thats it) and why buying a book won’t really be helpful (I need to work with the language, its a very hands on thing, reading won’t help me here). Most languages are learned with three things: reading comprehension, speaking, listening comprehension. Coding is learned like… clay. I need to touch it, mold it, play and tinker with it to understand it. There’s no speaking. Just reading and typing. Its very different and she doesn’t quite get that.

Tonight I have a skype interview with the couple who is developing her program, and I was told yesterday I have to know Google Polymer (never heard of it, but its supposed to be like HTML5) well enough to interview. Great. Add to that normal life shit. Husband gets off in one hour and I don’t know a thing. This is nerve wracking.

I am hoping for the best because I know a career change will be good for my mental health. I just had comicon this weekend and after one week of work, I get two weeks vacation where I am going to Alabama for a con as well. Right now, mental health is stable. I’d like to improve it, or at least keep it this way.



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