This is a goddamn bitch of an unsatisfactory situation

Let me tell you about my last three weeks. I was on a high at the con. That was the happiest I’ve been…since my wedding I think. Then I come back and work has been shit. 5 days at grooming, over booked, and then the remaining two at my MIL’s office. Its been exhausting.

Now, Journey was supposed to come to town. My parents were so excited. They bought tickets the day they went on sale. And good seats too. 6 tickets (them, me and husband, sister and friend), almost $500. So yesterday was supposed to be the concert. It rained and rained and rained all fucking day. But the concert was supposed to be rain or shine, and our seats were covered. Well, we get there and the parking lot was a mud pit. No walkways either, just mud. We were going to go in and my mom slipped and hurt her ankle. She insists she wants to see the concert still, despite our protests. My sister goes to get a golfcart to come pick her up to bring her in (they do that). Well, she gets all the way to the gate and is told a) they aren’t letting anyone in until the storm subsides, and b) they won’t send a cart out to help my mom even after finding out she was hurt on their goddamned property. No one on the way in told us they weren’t even letting people through the gates. Not one staff member. So we lifted my mom into husband’s truck. I slipped and my fucking hip and knee are hurt today. Dad took mom to ER and her ankle is broken.

The concert ended up starting at 9pm, the opening act had already played so no one got to see that (who the fuck did he play to?) and Journey and Doobie Bros played shortened sets so those who did go didn’t even get their money’s worth. I wrote to the venue about all of this, hoping they will see this is directly their fault and offer some compensation. I doubt I’ll hear back until after the holiday though.

Mom is better today, but it all very much sucks. We were all really looking forward to that concert. It was my driving force these last three weeks and I had been stoked for months. I’m glad mom’s okay obviously, but it just sucks.

Now I find out in laws are staying with us all week. I love them, but thats just… a lot. And their dogs are here and its crowded. Cat has to be quarantined from their dogs because they don’t get along so he’s going crazy locked up in our room. And now fireworks are going off. All night. Its not even the goddamned holiday. My dogs are petrified, even with their thundershirts, and hiding in their kennels.

I’m trying to not let my head go bad places, but, well, its hard.


Edit: My good friend’s mother just passed away too. Fuck, man.


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