Update on the job front

So the mother in law has agreed to sign me on full time for the next two weeks as we finish this program’s big push. After that, it might be half time. Even so, the pay is good enough that we can do that. Plus, I suspect half time would be good for my mental health. The problem is I’m almost too good at this. The guys are coding the program and they don’t really want my help. If they throw me a bone, its a half-hearted thing. That is fine, I don’t really care, it’s their baby and if they don’t want my help, when they mess up or run late for deadlines, that’s on them. I’ve been doing all the html docs, the website, the privacy policy, the forms for downloading. Their html coding is lacking. I don’t know if they just genuinely suck at it or if they don’t care enough to try. However, let me tell you, if a software company has a shit website, I’m not buying from them. Period. So I am working on that and excelling I should add.

But things are working too well right now. I’m working faster than they can add stuff so I can do help documentation or sitemaps or anything. And its only Tuesday. So I’m going to read up on Quickbooks and add some items to the other business website. This is going to be a long week.


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