My fellow devs on this project are driving me up a wall. One doesn’t answer emails. The other just complains and complains about not having enough time to do any of it but waits literally until the last minute to start coding. I sent out an email last…Wednesday I think that I can’t do the end user documentation or the site map because the website was down. Dev 1 got it up and then dev 2 sends me an email and says not to bother writing that yet because the layout of the app isn’t ready and it will be ready by Monday morning. Yeah, big surprise, it’s still not ready. I have nothing i can do at work. I’m literally dicking around here. And its conference week, meaning boss is showing and selling the app and its nowhere near ready. I have the job of trying to comfort her, and its not going well.

Dev 2 is dropping too because of his other job. Great. So I’m going to have to pick up those responsibilities. I’ve told them all repeatedly I do not have the skills or knowledge to code in polymer (which is the dumbest language I’ve ever seen). No one is listening. No one listens when I try telling them my compiler isn’t reading the code they sent. Boss lady who has literally no computer knowledge said on the phone, “Oh dev 3 showed me last night, you just google Polymer and it comes up how to do it”. I’ve tried explaining, several times, that it is literally just the official site. Its not really helpful at all. There’s no textbook. None of my old CS buddies know polymer. There’s not really any websites explaining any of it either. Its a weird not used language and I can’t figure out for the life of me why they picked it.

But I’m expected to just learn it overnight.

I appreciate the confidence in me, but its a little misplaced in this topic.


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