It’s been a bit since I really wrote. I wish I had a good excuse, I don’t. I’ve been working, at MIL’s place. It pays good but is really uneventful. My depression is sort of flatlining at the moment. I’m not great, but I’m not awful.

I skyped with the ladies the other night. That was refreshing and much needed. Next year’s MCC can’t get here quickly enough. I’ve been gaming a lot more lately, mostly Destiny. I was going to start a twitch stream but my wireless card in my xbox shit the bed last night. So no controllers. That tends to be problematic. Husband is bringing it to work to see about fixing it.

I drove up to Annapolis the other day for our work meeting. Six hours each way for a shitty two hour meeting I didn’t really need to be present for. Whatever. MIL has been coding forms into HTML pre-emptively, we won’t be able to implement them until after September 1. Until then, we’re literally preparing for beta launch. Here’s the kicker. I was assigned the help documentation, the Privacy Policy, etc. That got randomly reassigned to E and JM at the meeting. Even though mine was done and coded into HTML to be compatible with the website. Whatever, I’m done giving a shit. Those guys continue to underestimate my abilities and refuse to help teach me the few things I need to really contribute to this project. They’re making it that much harder on themselves, and it makes no sense.

But I’m being paid hourly to come sit in the office and wait on them to do all that shit so I can do the few menial tasks they give me. I’m still getting paid for the nothing they give me. No skin off my back.


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