Lean back and breathe

Do you know how many people in my life know about this blog? Zero. None. There is a reason for that. Well, the day after my last post, his behavior changed. And because he appears to be putting in more of an effort, I’ve agreed to sex more often. I still find myself not at all aroused, but I’ll do it nonetheless. I’m trying. I want to be turned on. But I’m just not right now.

My life is very stagnant right now otherwise. Work is boring. They aren’t giving me much to do. I’ve been tasked with:
-Test the program and find bugs. Mind you, its a simple database. I can only test so much.
-Become familiar with the goals moving forward. Done.
-Start familiarizing myself with Google Polymer. Okay, a lot of what I need require tinkering with actual code and until I get that, I’m just reading a whole lot of nothing.

So I’ve been working from home, which translates to not doing anything, but pretending I am. I count the hours regardless. I shouldn’t, I know, but whatever.

My hypersomnia is killing me. I’m so tired right now. I just want to sleep. I can’t leave yet though. I haven’t even been here an hour.Fuuuuuck


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